Model UHV-CVD-5000

Ultra-High Vacuum CVD Process System


Our Ultra-High Vacuum CVD system is utilized for multi-wafer processing of doped and intrinsic high quality epitaxial films, including materials such as Silicon Germanium.

End products include SiGe components (RF & microwave devices, amplifiers, switches, discrete HBTs, and low noise MMICs) utilized in wireless communications applications such as cellular phones, pagers, local area networks, telemetry and sensors.


Only ultra-high vacuum compatible components are used. Types 304 and 316 stainless steel are the primary construction materials utilized throughout. All system welds are internal or full penetration white welds. Ultimate pressures range to about 10-9 torr.

The loadlock is stainless steel construction with a top opening, O-ring sealing quartz lid. Pumping is performed with a 150 L/sec turbo molecular pump system. A bellows-sealed linear actuator and lifting mechanism transports the wafer boat into the process reactor through an isolation slit valve.

The furnace reactor thermal source consists of an intertwined three-zone heater system, precision controlled with a PID temperature controller. Uniform temperature ranges to 1050 C are obtainable. A 400 L/sec (or larger) turbo molecular pumping system is installed. Capabilities of processing 4" or smaller substrate batches are possible.

Process gas lines include all isolation and bypass valves. Gas lines are fabricated from 316L seamless, electro polished stainless steel tubing. All welds are full penetration and only metal sealing VCR fitting are used. All mass flow controllers are metal sealed. Heaters are installed on the gas manifolding lines.

System control consists of full computer automation with manual override. Capabilities of storable recipes, modification of system variables, and display of system status in real-time. Fully safety interlocked.

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